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Whatever your restoration needs, I am sure I can help, even if it is simply to steer you in the right direction to handle your specific needs.

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For my 20+ years I have been in the masonry industry, I can absolutely tell you with certainty that not all jobs are cookie-cutter. Some companies will tell you your chimney has to be completely rebuilt with numerous reasons why that is true. In some cases, this is true but in others it is not.

I look at every job to find the best solution according to what my customer wants and within their budget.

My personal belief is that in doing masonry repairs and restoration there is no reason why new repairs cannot blend in with the rest of the house.

You will see from my
reviews I ensure everything looks as natural as possible by using reclaimed bricks, the correct mortar dye and dying the bricks to match the age of the of other bricks.

The work I do includes:

  • Brick replacement: Selectively removing bricks where they have failed and replacing them with a suitable match.
  • Tuckpointing: Restoring mortar (grout) between bricks, blocks and stone. Tinting the mortar and contouring it to look like the original work so it doesn’t stand out when it is done.
  • Crack repairs: Removing cracks and tinting the mortar to blend with the original in colour and style.
  • Chimney work: This entails correcting a host of problems that can arise with a chimney. From replacing parts to full rebuilds. Removing chimney's and capping them off. To augmenting them to save on expenses.
  • Window sill repair or replacement: Changing out select deteriorated bricks with reclaimed or matching bricks to bring it back to life. Full window sill replacement with all new bricks, adding lush stone sills or adding custom-made concrete sills to order.
  • Parging: Adding a cementitious coating to different aspects of brick, block, stone and concrete surfaces.
  • Block replacement: selectively removing and replacing damaged blocks.
  • Concrete Repair: coating concrete steps and walkways with a premium patching material.
  • Concrete Slab Levelling (non-commercial jobs – small residential pads): assessing and solving problems with slabs and correcting these.
  • And many other specialities.

Please refer to the "Before and After" menu tab to see pictures that explain the above terms.

Canada’s winter can be downright nasty and summer blisteringly hot. Therefore, Mother Nature gives man-made structures a very hard time. And so, brick, stone, block and concrete structures need maintenance from time to time.

Additionally, inferior workmanship and lack of ingenuity sometimes play a role in these matters and unfortunately, the work needs to be readdressed.

Commonly structures need repairs to restore aesthetics and function.

Sometimes bricks retain too much moisture and crack apart or erode.

Chimneys are ever beaten by the weather and eventually need to be taken down and rebuilt. Sometimes they become unneeded and can be shortened or capped off.

Whatever your restoration requirements, I am sure I can help, even if simply to steer you in the right direction to handle your specific needs.

As I have said I look at every job to find the best solution according to what my customer wants and within their budget and that's important to my customers.