Important Information

We are available Spring, Summer and Fall. If you would like a consultation please get in touch but understand that we maximize our schedule, using nice weather for production.

That said, we are interested in your project but aren't salesmen, we are restorers and pride ourselves in seeing and addressing the work personally. This means availability is somewhat limited for consults. Some evenings, some "rainy" days, and some weekends work to line up a consult - after all it is free. You get audience with a trained profession for FREE!

So some days are easier than others for us to meet. If we are working in your area we generally can get by to consult you quicker. It all depends on a days toil. Sometimes the work is at heights and dangerous. This can be quite taxing. As well, I am not the fastest at getting your project quoted. Anyone who has received a bid from me knows that there is nothing general about my "Quote". I brag that a person could almost take my quote and do the job themselves. I don't recommend that as we have techniques and tools to save you from such brutal work.

We deliver excellent quality work and restore things to make them last through Canada’s harsh climate. If you want expert help delivered in very high quality, we are the guys you are looking for. Over 20 years of business and lots of word of mouth from happy Clients along with people calling us back to address new masonry problems.

I often hear how happy I have made the Clients. I cherish this! Thank you