Welcome to Oake Masonry

Hello, my name is Shane Oake. Feel free to email me at Shane@OakeMasonry.ca

Contact me weekdays directly at 416-878-8290  I usually answer unless I am doing something dangerous [usually high up off the ground] or using loud dangerous machines.

I own and run a masonry business in the GTA and have been doing so for over 20 years now!

In fact I have been in this industry since 1998, running my own jobs since 2004.

My work experience comes from many hours of interning under skilled Restorers.

This includes certification Fall Safety and being Licensed with the City of Toronto.

I have learned and perfected many techniques in order to exact seamless restoration jobs and do the work personally.

My specialty is Masonry Restoration.

Email Shane for a free consultation! shane@oakemasonry.ca

You can usually reach me at 416-878-8290 or leave me a voice message 

Thank you,

Shane Oake, Owner Operator